Hands On Youth Activities Program, Inc.

Bringing the spirit of experimentation with age old traditions

Hands On Youth Activities Program, Inc. was formed July 6, 1996 in Birmingham, Alabama

Our Mission is to give youth the opportunity to channel their energy into a discipline which helps them to organize their thoughts and to create an environment that will provide skills through education which will set standards globally for networking resources for the quality of arts and skills of age old traditions through creative endeavors.                                                             

In 2014, we were given an opportunity to attend the Common Threads.  We engaged in learning the quilting process, especially techniques done by Mozella Benson, one of Alabama's famous quilter's.   

There were quilts on display from Alabama quilters, of some whom I (Juliette Watts) have had an opportunity to meet.

We would like to teach youth of today the art of quilting.  This will continue our efforts to ensure age old traditions as well as keeping the spirit of experimentation alive an well.

Quilting can be fun and very rewarding.  Some people quilt for fun, other quilt for soldiers, gifts for others as well as quilting for their children and other family members. 

For whatever the reason you quilt, know that quilting has many rewards and we definitely want our youth of today to be apart of that experience.

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